About us

WATCHES, WATCHES, ALARM CLOCKS- The right time in 1000 executions.

Wide offer of watches, clocks, alarm clocks and weather stations not only of the main brand PRIM, MPM-Quality, but also of other famous brands such as Eyki, Naviforce or Curren. In 1993, our most successful brand was created, and that is the MPM. Our full horological range of products can be find under the brand MPM. Under the MPM you can find watches for kids, adults- for women and for men, and in many different styles. We always try to offer many modern pieces, some pieces of classic execution, but with a little bit of originality and glance.

MPM time also include wide collections of clocks and alarm clocks. As with the watches, we try to offer modern, but also traditional and elegant accessories. Newly, we introduced original individualisation of clocks for all households or offices. It is completely up to you to choose a design or a logo for your formerly chosen model of clocks. Our graphic design studio and our manufacturing is ready to satisfy all Your demands.

MPM also offer a wide range of straps and bands for every type of watches. We even supply local watchmakers with horological goods from the batteries to the machines.

Last but not least, we engage in jewellery making. We offer a plenty of jewellery made of surgical steel. Wide range of trendy jewellery at reasonable prices! Anyone can choose with us!

About the company

The establishment of MPM-QUALITY, v. o. s., dates back to 1993, when the company was found to concentrate on import, distribution and sale of the entire range of horological goods. Even in the early beginnings, the company MPM-QUALITY, v. o. s., obtained representation of many brands and set the goal in enriching and widening the offer of horological goods on the Czech marker.

In the early 1994, the company MPM-QUALITY, v. o. s., took upon new ideology and that is to start making their own horological brands under the same name of MPM-QUALITY. Fusion of inventive design, quality and of course reasonable prices, the new brand eventually broke through and became competitive with other brands on an already developed market.

Within the scope of development, the company started to break through also in other countries. In Slovakia, a subsidiary company MPM-QUALITY, s. r. o., was established with the headquarters in Trenčín and afterwards the third subsidiary under the head of MPM-QUALITY, Sp. z. o. o., also emerged in Poland. The company expanded in 2010 thanks to the establishment of new subsidiary also to Hungary.

With the dynamic expansion and larger knowledge of Central European market, disseminating of the company’s activities into other branches, such as import, export, distribution and manufacture begins to realise. With the increasing branches of interest, more varied offer of goods and services and with the increased demand, new divisions had to be created. At the current time, MPM-QUALITY, v. o. s., is divided into these sections:

  • Horological goods
  • Promotional items and products
  • Office supplies
  • Building machines and material